Friday, 4 July 2014

On the boards - Some of our designs being prepared for clients, & thanks to our young assistants!

We have carefully developed these designs in partnership with our clients, engineering colleagues and suppliers.
Using our innovation, technical, artistic and coordination skills we strive towards the finished product, making things easy for the Contractor on site, so it can be as fast as possible.
Here's how we operate - We break the process into 3 service products: Stage 1, 2 and 3. These examples are from Stages 1 &2.

From traditional to cutting edge minimal detailing, we are skilled at finding the 'right' fit for your project, for your needs, your timescale, your spend.

Our sample library for interal, external materials and products, is growing ever larger, 
useful for helping clients see the end vision and saving their time by making multiple decisions at one time.

And one more thing, in the office...

Lastly, summer is 'work experience ' time for young Students. As usual we have had some fabulous bright young sparks joining us in the office learning from the experts. Wonderful.