Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Work progressing

These images and movies begin to show how the design we developed is eventually, through all the rain, sleet and snow, coming to fruition.

Movie of whats happening on site today  - no.1
The kitchen units have a blue protective film - its a white glass faced kitchen!

Movie of whats happening on site today  - no.2

This is the front of the house. It is awaiting the final special water resistant silicone render coat and also the external ramp and paving. 

Entrance hall

In order to have plenty of natural light in here we used rooflights with blinds on remote control
Steel is exposed in many places. The house is full of light and feels incredibly spacious.

Oak pocket doors and marble fireplace

Large sliding folding doors to the south west aspect will be fantastically useful in the summer months

Again, the final bright white coat to the render is awaited, when weather allows it to cure correctly. There will be matching timber panelled doors along here, all to the same height which will provide a crisp geometrical effect . To the left of the picture you can see the tall pieces of glass, about 3 metres high, which look very  'soaring' and provide clean lines.

Colour glass is used instead of tiling to make the best use of the eaves. A special shower screen has been installed which has very few visible fixings and looks very sleek as a result.

 Upper floor landing leading to the five bedrooms. This is not a dingy dark corridor, but is flooded with natural light.

A limed oak finish has been achieved to the built in fittings. This matched well with the doors

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Before, During...

During construction of a large new living space and total refurbishment of the property.  This is a Conservation Area.

Before works commenced (this image only)

Man at work with saw. New Dormer under construction

Special slim insulation to maximise space in the new loft room, while keeping the old roof. Rooflights are being added. There will be a wetroom up here.

New living space has been fitted under existing windows. This has been achieved by careful planning and adjustment of floor levels.