Thursday, 9 August 2012

Site on a hill

Down a country lane 

Underpinning works are part of this project

Sandblasting has been done

Local Chert and Lias stone

New foundations for wetroom

Bread oven access rediscovered

Site Visit

Entrance area develops

Roofing started, windows awaited

Triangular window opening

suspended mezzanine

Gallery corridor

Friday, 3 August 2012

Ben's blog

Hertfordshire family home site visit and
sketch of staircase.
I came to brunskilldesign for a weeks work experience during the summer holidays. Whilst here I visited two sites, completed a sketch which was shown to a client and much more. Throughout my time I got a real insight into the life of a architect and had a really great time.

Technical drawing of stair.

I enjoyed going out on site and beginning to think about how buildings are constructed and how much work is needed to consider details, light and the nature of the spaces within a building. By observing, I began to make sense of technical drawings and what they related to.

When on site I really admired the mezzanine spaces for the children to play, the grand spacious entrance, the modern curved roof and skylights.

After my week my understanding of how a building works and what its like to be an Architect has greatly increased and as I approach university has assured me further that one day, I too wish to become an Architect.