Friday, 30 September 2011

September Site Progress Photographs

In the Pink

In the Pink - to be set on the floor. Sandstone has arrived and being checked prior to setting out.

Thatched Restoration Project

We are preparing report and drawings for a listed cottage in beautiful coastal countryside. The existing 'hedgesticks' water reed thatched roof is requiring some renovations due to weathering damage.

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

It always looks worse before it looks better.

We are very excited about this project starting on site.
This home renovation is within a conservation area and it is progressing swiftly.
It was subject to Planning Permission and certain planning conditions must be adhered to with regard to external finishes.
The photo shows the area which will be a kitchen and dining area, the floor has been lowered by about 450mm to enable it to be level with the new patio. There will be a flush threshold and new sliding folding doors, within a new opening. Many new steels are used to deal with this complicated existing building. We have coordinated this in the design. The area will connect open plan style with the hall, the sitting area, a family area and a dining area. A new wc and utility room are being formed. An internal chimney has been removed. A new patio and brick steps are being created.  The basement has been lowered. There are interesting building components on order. Guardian Builders are undertaking the project.

Kitchen/dining area

New sitting room, door position and finishes will be altered. Designer radiators and new insulation to walls to be added.

Some interior studies are shown above.

A minimally designed kitchen is planned. Brampton are the supplier.
The drawing below is one of the working drawings we produce for the project, along with a full specification and schedules for items such as finishes.

Lots more still to do, so the clients can achieve their vision. Meanwhile great to be greeted by happy faces on site!