Tuesday, 22 March 2011

The Green Workplace Envelope

Today a keen eye in the commercial world is trained on the creation of ‘The Green Workplace’ which is increasingly seen as a necessity for a successful enterprise. During the past year there has been a growing market for the installation of micro-renewables on commercial buildings, however this add-on culture is arguably not the best solution.

The workplace is a reflection of the business created within it, and, through effective design, a work destination can be built that will enable an integrated sustainable approach to the way your business works.
To us at Brunskill Design, an effective approach is to focus on the building envelope that sits between the interior work environment and the exterior climate. We view the design of this envelope as completely flexible fitting new builds and existing commercial buildings alike.

The surface interaction with both the inner and outer environments, should be designed such that both will maximise the benefits and protect from losses to the other. Passivhaus and closed-loop methods would be used, examples include: extremely good insulation, air-tightness, minimising thermal bridges, carefully designed solar gains, heat recovery systems linked to ventilation along with intergration of ground source and air source heat pumps.

Benefits will be: possible long term monetary advantages, lowered environmental impact, a reduced dependence on and usage of the environment, and business benefits through marketing, reputation and quality of work environment.

Is your business in need of a green workspace that will enhance and establish reputation as a place of forward thinking, sustainability and quality? Create a healthy, functional and inspiring place of work.

Before and after. 
Recycling an existing building into a usable and contemporary design.
Infill city site. Green Work Place. Work in design process.

Our Philosophy

Brunskill Design Architects strives for the best architecture for current citizen needs. This is found through the creative process of listening to clients, and combining a grounded spatial philosophy of light, movement and connectedness with a sustainable approach to environment, economics and community.

With a broad spectrum of design experience, the team at Brunskill has an understanding and passion for the making of buildings and places. We believe in generating clear concepts that will eventually bring our civilization to a green future. Concepts that will work harmoniously with the ever-accelerating changes to our lifestyles whilst continuing the deep-rooted, historical process of architecture.

Architecture is the built habitat of humans, a reflection of lifestyle, encompassing both private and public spaces, business and social places and the overarching links between them. Through honest and outstanding design that truly answers a need, we can achieve an inspiring, functional and beautiful back drop to our lives that all can identify with. For our towns, cities and even countries to work as a cohesive whole, we have the skills to re-interpret the built environment we have inherited and build new and future places to suit modern life.

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