Friday, 25 February 2011

Power Upgrade!

Planning permission has now been granted for a group of apartments designed by Brunskill Architects on a tight city centre corner site. This is a sensitive addition to, and refurbishment of, a disused electricity substation. The original building is locally listed and sits within a Conservation area. The design is arranged to sit well within the streetscape and to maximise space and light to the internal areas. It was important not to detract from the charachter of the original building. Discussions with the local authority enabled successful resolution of the plans. The site is triangular and mostly surrounded by a high brick wall, which led to the design incorporating different types of roof lights to allow light to reach the occupants. Original brick and steel features of the original building will be kept and refurbished.

Tuesday, 15 February 2011


Many thanks for all your hard and excellent work. We very much appreciate everything you have done. Such a professional team.

P & S MacPherson

Thursday, 10 February 2011

Design Architects Conservation Projects

Our conservation work includes works to listed buildings, work in conservation areas and special settings, such as properties in green belt. 

If you require a listed building consent, or your site is in a conservation area or Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) or green belt, we can usually assist you with plans and negotiations. Achieving consent for a scheme is often a tall order. Meetings with Conservation Officers and others in the Planning departments of Local Authorities are often necessary to look at what may achieve consent. We can develop a scheme with you and help you put the case for your project, sometimes using additional specialist planning advice available through us if required. Often a staged process is required to proffer solutions to the Local Authority then receive feedback. Also we provide construction works information for conservation projects including suitable specifications, with workmanship and materials information.

Past examples include:

  • Grade I listed St Pancras Station redevelopment, negotiating consents with English Heritage, and detailing suitable construction for approval and completion.
  • Negotiations regarding the renovation of a thatched cottage in Dorset.
  • Design for loft conversion and extensions in urban Conservation Area of St Albans.

These examples may demonstrate our experience in dealing with conservation issues, which we wish to use to your benefit, adding value to your project.