Sunday, 30 January 2011

Services Offered within Design and Build

House Extension, Refurbishments, Loft conversion, New Build Design and BuildCommercial Building Works for business,

  • On-time-on-budget realistic planning
  • One Company can deliver the lot
  • We will communicate with you regularly,
  • Trust us to treat you and your property respectfully
  • We manage the project from concept to completion, adding space and value to the property. Your architect and builders will enable you to maximise the potential of your property. We are client focussed and design oriented. We want to enhance your property with space and light, clean modern lines and sensitive use of natural sustainable materials wherever possible. We supply reliable, quality workmanship at an agreed price, giving you peace of mind to get on with your life.
Planning ahead means our projects are well controlled.

Cost, Quality of the product and Timing all can be controlled when client, designer and builder work together. We have a completer - finisher mentality to be responsible for your satisfaction.

We want the end product to be right. That's why we're involved in Design and Build service.

Start realising the potential of your home or property. Call David or Helen on our main no. 07821 876060 to book a initial consultation for no charge at your property.

Monday, 24 January 2011

Planning Permissions recently granted for Extension and Remodelling Projects

Brunskill Design Architects have recently achieved Planning Permission for some more house extension and remodelling projects, one for a locally listed building. Projects A & B are illustrated which are both homes for busy families. They both involve improving the connection of the house to external areas.

Key to Project A was to gain much needed kitchen and sitting room space. There was a preference to maximise views out at the back of the house, across a small valley, from as many areas as possible within the house. The interior layout is opened out in the design. It involves a spilt level as the property is on a slope and this gives great views out. The fact that this was a locally listed building restricted the design approach possible however an attractive suitable design solution was found to increase useful area and retain original features.

Key to Project B design was to create a large multi-functional interior space to enable the clients to easily enjoy views of their large south facing garden. Ancilliary external spaces are also created in the design. Large doors and windows open onto patio in three directions. The patio is being designed with trellis, built in barbecue storage and planters and multi level lighting, as well as other practical features.

Thursday, 20 January 2011

Brunskill Design - Beautiful Drawings and Brunskill Design Builders Deliver

A 'one-stop' Design and Build service for house extensions and new build houses. At Brunskill Design, we use our own staff and approved subcontract tradespeople, a tailored team to suit each project most effectively, depending on your objectives.

With construction services and with material prices fluctuating, many special offers and weekly price rises coexist. If you are extending an existing building, it's usually best to open up to the weather in the summer or early autumn. Allow a few months for the project planning phases.

Brunskill Design can lead you through all the stages to completion.
  1. Initially a feasibility study is often a good idea. This basic report at low cost, will help firm up the objectives, the scheme required, the cost of it, what it will be made of, how long it will take to build and what the resulting project will be worth.
  2. Planning Permission drawings and 
  3. Building Regulations drawings and written specification are likely to follow this in most cases. Please note for small domestic works lots of items no longer need local authority planning permission since national rules changed in 2008. Your local authority can offer advice to householders.
  4. We create all construction details and specifications required sufficient for the build.
  5. Costs associated with tendering and further architects fees can be avoided by using our build service by direct Contract.
  6. We cost plan, schedule, insure and project manage the build and construct the works to the specifications developed with you. We try to minimise disruption in the planning. There will be stage payments due during construction. All works will be done following a 'full plans' submission to Building Control (this is the preferred method as reduces cost risk to all).
  7. You will have the opportunity to 'snag' the final works and have items corrected before final handover and the final payment is required.
We can incorporate garden design and interior design elements / tasks when required.

If you wish to assess the likely costs for your property please call us now on 07821 876060. If we can't help you on the phone we will make an appointment to visit the property.