Thursday, 27 May 2010

Testimonial for St Pancras Station Redevelopment

' "Design reflects the preoccupations of every era - the Victorians romanticised the past and endeavoured, often with considerable success, to incorporate  technological advance within historicist structures. Moderns, like Le Corbusier, strove for rationality and tried to transform society. Sometimes this worked - but tower blocks - a modernist legacy - were not the answer to urban living. Ultimately, order transcends the manners of the times and individual cultures. Minimalism can be seen, however, not so much as an affectation, but as a form of politeness and discretion. Eras pass swiftly. Lack of pomposity and affectation - and above all modesty - characterise the best design". Helen Brunskill possesses each of these qualities and I have no hesitation in recommending her Architectural Services and Design skills.'

Alastair Lansley CBE - former Chief Architect Channel Tunnel Rail Link, Client team - St Pancras Station Redevelopment .